Past Events

Night Of Fire

This was a rain out date as the original event one-week prior was canceled due to bad weather. The postponement worked out well as it was a perfect 75 degrees and sunny July day.

The change in the date did not seem to affect the spectators as the stands where pretty full by the beginning of the show, then as we finished the first-round spectators were still coming through the gate.

This year the entertainment was Bob Motz’s Jet Kenworth, the Beast from the East and Top Blade Jet Dragsters, the Nostalgic Notions and 4 GLNFCC Funny Cars.

The first pair out for the GLNFCC was the Sweetman Brothers Citation driven by Drew Sweetman taking on the might small block powered Pol Cal Corvette driven by Johnny K. John was first off the line with an amazing .0093 reaction time, but Drew hooked up and ran a 7.03 to Johns unusually off the pace 7.29.

Next pair was the Total Insanity Monza driven by Chris Massarella taking on the also tough Damn Yankee Vega driven by Mark Horvath. Both cars came out with smoke belching burnouts. Mark was out first and crossed the stripe with a 7.18 to Chris’s 6.99.

After the jet cars and several rounds of bracket racing it was time to run the funny cars one last time. This time the Pol Cal lined up against the Total Insanity Monza. Both cars left almost dead even, but the Monza seem to run into trouble about half track and put on a real show for the crowd. The Monza swerved left and right and almost crossed into Johnny K’s lane. The Corvette stopped the clocks with a 7.19/185.57.

Next up was the Damn Yankee taking on the Sweetman Brothers. Unfortunately, there was a tree malfunction and Drew’s red light came on. The left lane did seem to have a bad spot as the Vega got a little crooked at about half track but Mark was able to wrestle the car back and crossed with a 7.43.

As always it was a pleasure racing at Quaker City Motorsports Park. Norm and A.J. Fox are continuing to make improvements to an already beautiful facility.

The Peak Trophy was awarded to the Damn Yankee Team.

The S & W Contingency Awards go to Winner Damn Yankee and Runner Up Sweetman Brothers.

The Good Vibrations Motorsports Reaction Time Award was presented to John Kwasniewski with a .0093 light.

Thanks to all the support we get from our great sponsors; Good Vibration Motorsports, Peak Products, S & W Performance, Blue Def and Pace Performance.

Next event RT 66 Classic at RT. 66 Raceway on August 19th 2017.

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Coors Light/WVBO Nostalgia Nationals

Once again, the third Saturday of June is Nostalgia Day at WIR. Roger and crew have been putting together this Nostalgia Night of racing for many years now. This year’s event was no different, they brought in Casey Jones with his two jet dragsters and wheel stander, Richard Hutchinson with the Chevy Rebellion Wheel stander, Nostalgia Pro Stocks and the GLNFCC funny cars.

Weather during the week had threaten to cancel this event, but the weather did change and the day was sunny and dry.

It was unfortunate but the GLNFCC was only able to bring in three funny cars instead of four. But the three did put on a great show.

First out was the Chasin My Childhood II Duster on a single. This car is somewhat new to the group but did not disappoint the crowd. Driven by Mike Kurz the car came out with a hard burnout and sounded strong. The car took off at the hit and thundered down the track with a 7.70/169.

There was some drama after this round as Mike had an issue in the shutdown which bent the throttle cable. Thanks to Richard Hutchinson they could get a new cable and return for the second round.

Next pair was the Solid Rock Mustang driven by Rocky Ausec taking on the Damn Yankee Vega driven by Mark Horvath. Mark left first and managed to stay out front with a 7.58/186 to Rockys 7.49/177.

Second round paired up the Duster and the Mustang. Both cars came out with strong burnouts and Rocky did a couple of dry hops. The Mustang left first and crossed the finish line first with a 7.57/179 with the Duster not far behind with a 7.73/168.

Next up the Damn Yankee made a single run. This was the quickest run of the evening at 7.35/175.

It was time for the third and final run for the funnies. The Duster made a single, and made its best past to date with a 7.61/179.

It was time for the Damn Yankee Vega and Solid Rock Mustang to settle it up in the finals. The previous E.T.’s from these two looks to make it a good race.

The sun had set and the dew was starting to move in which always makes the WIR surface a little unpredictable.

Both cars did unusually short burnouts as the tires seem to grab quickly during the burnout. At the hit the Vega was out first with the Mustang braking loose and never could get the giant slicks to stick. Mark crossed the finish first with an 8.72.

The Peak Winner was Mark Horvath and the Damn Yankee Team.

S & W Contingency Award Winner: Damn Yankee & Runner Up: Solid Rock.

Good Vibrations Motorsports Reaction Time Award: Mark Horvath.

As always, the WIR spectators were fantastic, they always seem to enjoy this nostalgia show.

Thanks to Roger and crew for putting together a great event and keeping the track in tip top shape. We were told this is Rogers last year at the helm as his son will be taking over in 2018.

Thanks to all our sponsors. Peak Products, S & W Performance Group, Blue Def, Pace Performance and Good Vibrations Motorsports.

Next event Kil-Kare Raceway Night Of Fire June 29th.

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Nostalgia Classic

If it is Memorial Day weekend it must mean one thing. The beginning of summer, well yes but it also means this is the annual weekend for the Big Nostalgia race at Quaker City Motorsports Park.

For well over seven years Quaker City management has put together this event, it seems to be getting bigger every year. Friday night the track has test & tune, then on Saturday they have their weekly bracket program. Sunday is the day for everything Nostalgia. The track was full of cars from the Nostalgic Notions, UMTRA, Southern Slingshots, Northeast Super Stocks, Ohio Outlaws AA/Gassers and the GLNFCC.

With six funny cars on the grounds the GLNFCC was ready to put on a show. The first pair out was the Total Insanity Monza driven by Chris Massarella taking on the NitroFlier II Omni. The Monza took the win with a 7.17.

The GLNFCC favorite Solid Rock Mustang driven by Rocky Ausec lined up against the gorgeous Warpath Somerset driven by John Cerchio. Both cars came out smoking the tires. Rocky took the win with a 7.43/176.75 to Johns close 7.62/176.54.

The next pair that came to the line was the Blue Thunder Camaro driven by Monty Stotz taking on the small block powered Pol Cal Corvette driven by John Kawsneiwski. The Corvette moved first with both cars having trouble getting the cars to hook up. The Corvette turned on the win light.

It was time for second round and the first pair was the NitroFlier II taking on the Blue Thunder. The Omni moved first but did not seem to get the problems fixed from the first round. The Blue Thunder di get it together and finished with a 7.07/179.

Up next was the Warpath taking on the Pol Cal. It was said that the transmission in the Corvette was in bad shape, knowing it was time for repair John came out and put down a killer half-track burnout. He backed up and made the ¼ mile run in high gear. The Warpath took the win with a 7.25/183.

It was time for the final with the Total Insanity Monza taking on the Solid Rock Mustang. Rocky did a stellar burnout, but was unable to get the car in reverse so he drove off the track giving Chris a single. Chris made the best of the run with a 7.14/182.

The Peak Winner Trophy Goes to the Total Insanity team.

S & W Contingency Award goes to Winner Total Insanity and Runner Up Solid Rock.

The Good Vibrations Motorsports Reaction Time Award goes to John Cerchio with a .039.

Once again Quaker City Motorsports staff had the facility in tip top shape.

Thanks to our sponsors: Good Vibrations Motorsports, Peak Products, S & W Performance Group and Blue Def.

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